Positive EFT facilitates the opportunity to find the courage to access and listen to your inner voice, cultivate emotional strength and live each day joyously and with enough energy and vision, to achieve personal and professional goals.  During positive EFT sessions we focus on valuable positive affirmations and statements to empower you.

Mindfulness facilitates the process whereby you become aware of the thoughts that are shaping your world.  Mindfulness allows us to pay attention to, and notice more easily what is happening in our lives and with practice is a great way to enable you to deal with everyday pressure in a calm way.  This will benefit your overall wellbeing by encouraging you to not dwell on and regret the past, or worry about your future, but instead connect with what is going on in the present moment.

Mindfulness is a non-religious concept which originates from the ancient Buddhist practice.

My aim is to help and inspire you to develop self-belief, balance, calm and clarity as well as bring awareness on how to be compassionate towards yourself.  You will be guided to appreciate that you have the power and ability to find an inspired, beneficial and positive approach to working life.  

If you are happy, inspired and passionate about your working life, be that working for others or running your own business, this energy will be contagious, lighting up your life and the lives of those around you leading to better workplace wellbeing. 

About me:

I am a Yoga Alliance International accredited yoga teacher, meditation and mindfulness facilitator, EFT Master Practitioner and workplace wellbeing consultant. I qualified as an aromatherapist and reflexologist over 20 years ago and although I no longer offer treatments, I am still very passionate about the healing qualities of essential oils and enjoy consulting with individuals about their wellness needs and living mindfully.

I am a member of the wellbeing warrior team for a large national organisation.  My working week involves being an active member of the wellbeing warrior team to promote the organisations workplace wellbeing initiative.

I also consult with individuals, smaller businesses and larger organisations about inspiring and supporting wellbeing in the workplace, teach yoga and meditation and run the Chilled Out Child programme, a successful mentored distance learning initiative encouraging families to live mindfully thereby helping reduce  incidents of anxiety.

I have spent over 25 years working as an employee for medium to large sized organisations, whilst also running smaller successful holistic health businesses as a way of balancing my corporate working experience with a gentler side to working. My aim is to encourage individuals to live their best life whilst reaching their full potential in the workplace and reaping the benefits of work/life balance, by managing stress and anxiety effectively through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Techniques and the use of essential oils.



“My meditation sessions have been informative and a sanity saver. I have learnt a lot about incorporating mindfulness and meditation into daily life., which has definitely helped me cope with balancing motherhood and a career”.


I was sceptical about using Skype for any kind of coaching in meditation and had no idea what EFT was.   I am convinced and enjoyed the combination of meditation and EFT which has helped me feel brave enough to go back to work after some years at home with my children.